About Us

More than a clothing brand, our vision is to be a movement.

Here at The Right Fit Co., we want to positively affect each individual, to inspire confidence, to give purpose and that sense of being part of a greater purpose.
Our vision is we believe in making the right positive changes in the right areas to increase the quality of life for ourselves, yourselves but more importantly the future selves who are to inherit what we leave behind.

We know every single person experiences day to day troubles from all avenues of life. 
Our Inspiration is by the people no matter the situations have strength to push forward, by the people who no matter how many times are defeated keep pushing through with determination or by the people who sacrifice upon sacrifice for the good of others. Like these people, we want to provide the platform to further these positive affects and in turn look to affect even larger amounts of people.
This inspiration has been the backbone of our mission to give back to the community. To learn more visit our Donations page.

We have all been there, in one clothing shop or online, looking to find that “right fit” that “right piece of clothing”. To time after time being disappointed, whether it be the quality, the fit, over promised, or it simply didn’t meet the expectations you were after.
Our goal, is to provide high quality clothing, to fit, to give the right positive influence for you to be your best self all while feeling that you are helping your community.

Our Mission is to utilise this platform to provide help and support in areas that, not only we believe need it, but you, the community believe need it.
Our promise is donating a percentage of our profits into these charities Bi-Monthly and seeking opportunities to redesign and build off your feedback so we can in turn, help others who need it. Visit our Donations page to learn more about our progress.