Garment Care Information

How to look after our products here at The Right Fit Co.

Our products are uniquely comprised of bamboo fabrics as a majority.
When looking after our products we highly suggest the following:

  • Machine Wash - on cold or warm water preferably cold
  • Ideally wash with similar colours 
  • Do NOT Tumble Dry - dryers will cause the products to shrink and damage your fabric!
  • Do NOT Bleach
  • Warm Iron or Steamer - steamers are fantastic way to keep the longevity of your product, see individual instruction of your steamer for advice
  • Dry Clean acceptable
  • Best practice to dry on a clothing rack either in the sun or with a breeze
  • When washing, best to turn inside out to save any printing on your shirt

Why Bamboo you may ask, here are some unique properties of our bamboo fabric:

  • Strong Anti-Odour as bamboo fabric has a naturally high anti-bacterial property within the fabric
  • Breathable material assisting in regulation of body temperature due to the nature of the fabrics micro gaps
  • Absorbent material assisting in keeping your body dry from perspiration providing more comfort
  • Silk like feel of softness, often described as mixture between cotton and silk
  • Highly Non Irritating fabric due to the micro gaps and fiber compound the fabric lays along the skin not against causing less irritation
  • Ethically, bamboo can be grown without chemical pesticides and is naturally strong against disease/pests making it a more natural alternative to cotton